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Meet EngagePHD

Digital Signage Software
designed for the modern business

Setup and deploy
in minutes

Linking your digital signage media players has never been easier. In a few simple steps, you’ll be setup and ready to push content to your audience. 

Start small, scale later

EngagePHD lets you set up, deploy, and manage any number of digital signage media players. 

Manage and diagnose from anywhere

Check the status and troubleshoot any digital signage player in your network using our useful  cloud-based management tools. 

Push content to any player, anytime.

Control what layouts show on what players with our extensive scheduling tools. 

Automatically switch content to show at different times of the day. 

Preview a high-level calendar of your entire digital signage content strategy.  

Pinpoint each digital signage media player on a map to make management easier. 

Request and view live screenshots from any player on your network. 

Manage many common media player settings directly from the cloud.  

Frequently Asked Questions